Seven Women Share Their Most Embarrassing Experiences During Sex

Rich or poor, black or white, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift- when it comes to sex, we all need it, like it and, unfortunately, have all had our share of embarrassing or shameful moments. But no need to blush, we’re all friends here.

So in effort to further encourage sexual freedom and exploration, we asked seven women their most embarrassing experiences during sex (all in the name of research!). Don’t worry men, you’ll get your turn soon.

1. Nadine (26): “The first time I squirted, my boyfriend thought I peed the bed.”
2. Lina (21): “In high school, a guy thought he was fu**ing me hard but it wasn’t even inside of me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, so I let him finish. I was aggressively humped for five minutes.”
3. Ashley (30): “The first time we had sex, he took out lubricating gel, and insisted on using it every time after. I’m 30, not 50. When forcing him to pick one, he chose the lubricant.”
4. Gabi (23): “My ex-boyfriend was fingering me when, suddenly, he began asking me if women can make themselves ‘queef’. It sounded ridiculous, and I said, “It’s not like we can on command go 1…2,” but before I could get to 3, I queefed.”
5. Nicole (37): “I slept with a man that I met in a club, but prior to arriving to my apartment, I had to stop the taxi to puke, assuring the guy I was fine. Later, mid-sex, he screamed. I had thought my period ended the day before, but there was still light dripping. I woke up to an empty bed, and he deleted all of his messages and contact number from my phone before leaving.”
6. Shelby (25): “My ex-boyfriend and I got caught having sex on top of his car by a cop. The police officer tapped me on my shoulder while I was riding him, and my ex, in a hurry to get composed, accidentally came on the officer’s shoe. It was hysterical to us afterwards, until I got home, unaware that my ex also came on my dress. It would have been embarrassing walking around like that all day, but thankfully, my mom noticed.”
7. Sofia (30): “Right in the middle of intercourse, I began having stomach pains. My ex-boyfriend and I were visiting a village in Thailand, and I had eaten local food that suddenly didn’t mesh well with my stomach. I thought I could rally until the end, however, as he started screaming that he was getting close, I lost control of my body and the bed was covered in shit. Talk about a crappy orgasm.”

See… we’re all human. Have your own story to share? Feel free to comment below, unless, don’t tell us…you’re a…


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