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5 (Practical) Reasons to Try Making a Relationship Work in NYC

Though there is usually more reasons to end a relationship than continue it, if you ever find yourself completely indifferent, these are some good reasons why you might want to put a little bit more effort into making it work.

Because it is important to remember that falling in love is easy, but finding good parking or a building with all the necessary amenities in New York City is not. 

1. They have a washer/dryer.

C’mon, this isn’t a shallow reason, it’s a life-changing reason. Living with access to a washer/dryer and then going back to walking three blocks with a bag full of dirty underwear to the nearest laundromat is comparable to moving to Kansas City after growing up in New York City. Both cities, but seriously?

2. You really like their friends.

It’s a Saturday night. You’re a few shots in and finally ready to break things off with your partner, who is just not doing it for you anymore (either emotionally or in the bedroom). But just when you finally built up the courage, Jessica, who is so funny and witty, invites you to a party later that evening. You decided to wait until after the fabulous party. After the party, walking home, you’re about to break the silence by breaking the relationship, but then they mention that Steve, who is loaded with connections, got the group tickets to Hamilton. And this cycle never ends. What’s the problem? Both Jessica and Steve were their friends initially, and by breaking the relationship, though not always, you could potentially be breaking up the friendships made.

3. They have a rent-controlled apartment.

When it comes to relationships, it’s important to think about the future and, hopefully, moving in. And we don’t mean to think whether they will make a good parent. Your future kids will eventually turn 18 and leave you with memories of changing diapers and accusations of having ruined their life. Through bad or good, a rent-controlled apartment will always be there (that is, unless it goes co-op, then dump the bastard).

4. Their apartment is conveniently located.

Haven’t you been watching Million Dollar Listing? Location! Location! Location! Whether their apartment is perfectly positioned across the street from your job or nearby all your go-to spots, it will definitely improve your quality of life. Hopefully they don’t have roommates, because you will be definitely leaving a toothbrush.

5. As a person, they have amenities.

Sure, whether your partner is a good person, romantic, caring, understanding, blah, blah are important. But after all that, it’s important to analyze their characteristics that aren’t necessarily part of their personality. We like to call them amenities. Do they have special access to New York Fashion Week? Can they get reservations at the newest restaurants? Do they have guest membership privileges at Equinox? Are they really good at love making? All crucial amenities a person could have.



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