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Domenico Vacca x Irina Shabayeva Bridal Runway Show 2016

We might be cynical about searching for the perfect (at this point, even mediocre?) husband, but definitely not when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress. Thus, why not start with the latter?

World-renowned designer, Domenico Vacca, and Project Runway’s season 6 winner, Irina Shabayeva, facilitated the usually difficult search with their bridal week runway show collaboration, replacing something old, borrowed and blue with timeless, exclusive and fabulous.


Recently opening a 10-story flagship building in New York on 5th Avenue, Domenico is waging a war against one-click shopping, bringing luxury and experience back in fashion. His new building features a men and women’s shop, barbershop, salon, café (like we’re back in Paris), 10 rental luxury apartments, and a private members-only club, which is limited to only 500 members and initiation probably entails the promise of your first-born child.

Project Runway’s Shabayeva joined Domenico in producing the first runway show to be hosted at Domenico’s very own private club, which lifted the members-only rule to the media and celebrity guests for one spectacular evening. Media personality, Tijana Ibrahimovic of Pop Style TV, was on-site helping orchestrate the whole affair. The collection featured both women and men’s pieces, including some less formal looks, bold red dresses (reminiscent of Salsa), sparkly gold and silver gowns, extravagant and traditional white ensembles, and for the New Yorker marriage, chic black looks. For men, it was a selection of dark colored, tailored suits, with some patterned and colored blazers for variety.
The show was followed by an intimate brunch at the Domenico café, in which guests had the opportunity to meet and speak with the two designers and socialize with the models. This is definitely what we would call #SundayFunday.

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