Alexander Wang S/S RTW Review

Hm. This was a difficult collection for us to swallow. Some pieces were fabulously chic, but there some were definite sore thumbs. Sore thumbs dressed like white trash surfers. Let’s talk first about the looks we loved.

_arc0554These trousers had us spinning with joy. The low-rise is reminiscent of Alexander McQueen circa 90s and the wrap detail is just magnificent. One thing that is clear in Mr. Wang’s collection is the pairing of unlikely assets. Some really worked, and some really didn’t. This one we liked – the peasant-like blouse and the super-sexy cigarette pant make a sleek and equally bubbly and serious look.




THOSE PANTS. And again with the wrap detail. Just _ale0170fabulous. Also how sexy is that handbag cuffed to her wrist? I would normally say don’t throw black leather into a mostly spring-inspired look, but the clench at the high waist brings it all together.


Nope. I have yet to see board shorts look good on the runway, and the fact of the matter is that a lot of the looks simply belong on the Miami runway. And is it just me, or is the bathrobe particularly Target-esque?





I’m getting a distinct babydoll bloomers feel here. As in, actual doll underwear. It just made us uncomfortable, and it’s obvious the look could do without the lanyard. (First-year college student aesthetic, anyone?)



This print is Guy Fieri personified. And in flip flops.


_ale0410German tourist mom who yells at people for not recycling and rides a bike everywhere. Also, isn’t handsome beauty passé at this point?


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