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Athleisure X Paula Fraisse

Let’s be honest, you haven’t stepped foot in a gym in months. As much as you thought buying that new yoga mat would help, it hasn’t moved from your trunk in a while. Maybe, it’s time to do something new. Nothing says, “I’m back” like new athletic wear. With all the options given to accessorize your soon-to-be toned bod, it only makes sense to stock up on some of the freshest outfits.


Ivy Park is first on my list of choices. This brand provides customers with the best athleisure options, which we all know is in thanks to the fab Gigi Hadid. From a relaxed, chic crop hoodie, to matching pants and sports bra, you can wear these pieces all day, while still looking good. The best part of Ivy Park (besides Beyoncé) is how unapologetically chill it is. It has a model-off-duty look that will have you feeling cool even when you are waiting in line at the squat rack.


Vimmia, an active wear company based out of LA, provides a fresh outlook on style. Vimmia, the Latin word meaning “life force” accurately describes what you’ll find on their website. From tropical colors and prints, to a minimalist’s dream, this store will provide you with everything you have ever wanted. The Aquarius leggings, my all-time favorite, may be pricier than what you can find at Forever 21, but the style, quality and fabric make it all worthwhile. With Vimmia, you can finally accomplish your goal of looking like Morgan Stewart in your yoga class.


Fabletics is next on my list. I think many of us can agree Kate Hudson is actually goals, and it doesn’t hurt to also dress like her either. If you are a quiz junkie like me, you’ll love going on her website for the first time. Not only will you see all the outfits you have ever dreamed of, but you will also be greeted with a style quiz, which will help hone down on your athletic style. The questions are simple and actually helps you realize the kind of work outs you prefer. Once you get your results, you will get suggested pieces. Think it doesn’t get better than a quiz and Kate Hudson’s abs on display? Think again. The prices of Fabletics are fantastic. The material is not bad either. Fabletics just so happens to be a win-win for you.


Finally, we have Lucas Hugh. A brand mentioned time and time again on fashion websites like and What makes this brand so great? Lucas Hugh has managed to bring the most luxurious athleisure outfits to you with the greatest functionality. When I say functionality, I mean Lucas Hugh designs leggings that prevent camel toe. Oh, that and the creative director, Anjhe Mules, is a huge fitness junkie who totally understands what women need when working out. Although the prices are a bit higher than most brands, the quality of each piece makes it all worthwhile. Besides this, the biggest difference between Lucas Hugh and other designers is mostly the style. Instead of looking like a model off duty, you’ll just look like a model.


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