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The Kardashians: Friends or Foes?

From America’s First Family (according to Cosmopolitan) to the Spawns of Satan (according to the Catholic Church), the world has had various aliases for them, but only one has stuck- the Kardashians.

The public opinion on the (in)famous family might fluctuate more than Janice Dickinson’s sobriety, but one thing is definite- they are here to stay. So, accepting the inevitable Kardashian reign, it’s time we ask ourselves: Are they friends or foes? 

Unfortunately for Taylor Swift, a personal vendetta with a Kardashian is the one thing she couldn’t shake off. Blac Chyna got herself promoted from being asked to move out the way, to occasionally newsworthy if no A-lister is present. Ryan Seacrest hit a goldmine and is currently poking holes in all their condoms. But when it comes to us, regular folks, should we hate or love them?


The main critique against them, which celebrities such as Amy Schumer and Rebel Wilson have made clear, is that they’re famous for, well, nothing. The validity of that statement isn’t completely accurate. Kim did do some acting back in the day and, after starring on reality TV, they all pursued subsequent careers in different industries. Is hogging the media’s attention not a real job? While some celebrities might fume with jealousy over the ease to which the Kardashians came to power, shouldn’t that be an inspiration to the general, talentless, average looking population?

Think about it. For individuals who aren’t blessed with beauty or some form of spectacular talent, becoming a star is as much of a dream as the one Anne Hathaway had in Les Mis. We can’t all dream of being singers and actors, but we can dream of becoming a Kardashian. We can fantasize about the world liking us, keeping up with us (no pun intended), and glamorizing us for just being ourselves. And in a world where Instagram is the life source to newer generations, isn’t that the new American dream?

Let’s be honest, without the hair and makeup prep, the clothes worth thousands of dollars, the camera crew and the fame, if you were to see the Kardashian Klan eating at your local diner, you wouldn’t look twice. Well, maybe at Kim’s ass if you needed somewhere to temporarily place your glass. More champagne, anyone?  And besides a knack to make doing everyday things interesting, none of them are God’s gift to the music, acting or even the fashion industry. The Kardashians were as ordinary as a bar of soap. And yet, here they are now, dazzling like a Broadway marquee.

They proved to the world that fame is achievable through any means (and really good marketing). And out of all the celebrities out there, aren’t they the most similar to us, just with a bigger family? So, while they might not be our friends in real life, they are not the enemies. For once, we can actually say: Stars, they’re just like us. 


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