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Latest Fashion Trend: A Glass of Wine? Inspired by Rihanna

Our latest fashion trend this season is inspired by Rihanna. According to the music mogul, a glass of wine is in fact both a much needed alcoholic beverage and an accessory! Take your look from snooze to party with this bold choice. From Rosé to top off a fun summer look, to Pino Noir to compliment a red gown after leaving some fabulous (not that we would know) gala, Rihanna proves there’s a wine to go with every occasion. As we all know, it’s not just what but how you wear it. And as we also know, Rihanna can wear it however the f**k she wants.

Inspired by MTV editor Josh Edwards’ recent Twitter thread detailing the chronicles of Rihanna galavanting around with a glass of vino, we’ve gathered some of our favorite looks.

Disclaimer: This chic fashion statement might be, kinda is (it is) illegal in public. Unless you’re Rihanna.  

Someone must have asked her to leave the glass behind, and only naturally, she embodied the same reaction Carrie Bradshaw had when asked to take off her heels at Kira’s party. Don’t they know it’s an outfit?! (Photo by Xposure)
A glass of wine can fancy up any casual outfit, though, as Rihanna’s disappointed facial expression shows, it would have been better if it matched her lipstick. You’ll get em next time, girl! (Photo by AKM-GSI)
Rihanna getting ready to paint the town red in a fabulous red dress for some red carpet, or awards show, or charity gala, or whatever stars are f**king doing now a days. And the fun part about accessorizing with wine is, well, you know. (Photo by AKM-GSI)
Pretty in pink, Rihanna rocks an all pink look with a glass of Rosé, obvi. Monochromatic is in. We wonder if Rihanna’s outfit choice might have been inspired by Elle Woods, except, instead of Harvard, she looks like she’s going to chase that bitch who has her money. (Photo by Getty)
Honestly, this new fashion trend is perfect for the NYC girl on-the-go. And once you’re done with the wine, you can use it as an ashtray or somewhere to put your pains and sorrows. We’re going to need a bigger glass. (Photo by Splash News.)



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